What is Mercedes-Benz Blue Wonder?

Did you know back in 1955, Mercedes-Benz had a racing car transporter?

Its unique features and speed earned it a nickname called Blue Wonder

This model was built in the premium automaker's test workshop in 1954 for the following year's racing season

In this model, there is no separation between the driver’s cab and the loading platform

This high-speed racing car transporter had components from various passenger vehicle models in production back then

For example, the suspension in this transporter came from a highly exclusive 300 S (W 188) model

The six-cylinder M 198 engine was taken from a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing super sports car (W 198)

This transporter generated a power output of 192 hp

Only one unit of this transporter was developed by the luxury automaker

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