What is ADAS and does your car need it in India?

ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is new-age tech that helps drive or park modern-day cars with no or minimal driver input

ADAS technology makes use of cameras, radars, sensors to help automate certain functions to certain level

Some common ADAS functions on cars include Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane-Keep Assist, Auto Braking, Auto Parking & Forward Collision Warning 

Some of these are Level 1 while others are Level 2 ADAS features. Level 5 ADAS allows for fully-autonomous driving

But while entirely self-driving cars still need safety & regulatory clearances in many parts, Level 1 & Level 2 are now quite common

In the Indian context, the jury on whether ADAS makes driving safer or riskier still, is still out

Critics claim unpredictable & diverse road conditions here are a big challenge for ADAS, may make the tech unsafe

Do you think India can be a safe ground for ADAS?
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