Top 5 tips to protect your car from fireworks during Diwali

#1 Park your car in a covered space, preferable away from public spaces

 With firecrackers going up and diyas lit everywhere, it is best to keep your car at a safe place 

#2 Avoid using a body cover for your car during the festivities as they may do more harm than good

Chances of fabric/plastic cover catching fire becomes high, thus it is best to avoid them

#3 Ensure that your car's windows are shut and doors are locked properly

This will avoid any firecracker entering the vehicle as the materials inside the car's cabin are highly inflammable

 #4 Keep a portable fire extinguisher handy as it is best to stay prepared for the worst

A canister of fire extinguisher can easily take care of small fires in less time

 #5 Keep a first aid box in the car and make sure it has over-the-counter burn ointment

While your car should always have this, it becomes all the more important during Diwali
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