Tips to effectively test drive a new car before purchase

#1 Drive the variant you want to purchase or the one closest to it

If a particular dealership doesn't have that trim available for test drive, visit a different showroom

 #2 Do not test drive in a hurry, thus make sure you visit a dealership with enough time in hands

 Getting a rushed testing time and overview of the car won't serve your purpose

#3 Drive most cars in your list back to back, within a few days

Try not to give a long gap between driving two rivals cars that you wish to compare

#4 Take along friends or family to help you effectively test drive a car

They could give you honest feedback about how the ride feels in the back seat

#5 When test driving a car, observe the basic and most important things first

These include the drive, engine, steering feel, transmission, brakes, and seating comfort. For details...
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