This upcoming EV has an invisible shield of safety

Volvo is all set to unveil the EX90 electric SUV later this month

It promises to offer new LiDAR technology as an invisible shield of safety for the EV

Volvo developed a low-profile cover for the roof-mounted LiDAR module

The teardrop-shaped LiDAR cover is meant to reduce drag and increase range

It uses pulsed laser to precisely measure range, and detect vehicles or pedestrians

The LiDAR can help the EX90 detect pedestrians up to 250 meters

Volvo termed the LiDAR tech as the eye of the EX90, one of its safest SUVs ever

The EX90 also promises to make driving simpler and safer with no physical buttons

The EV will also come with two cameras to monitor driver's behaviour, including signs of fatigue

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