This Renault concept EV is a rugged off-roader

Renault has taken the covers off the 4ever Trophy electric concept at Paris Motor Show

The name of the concept EV is derived from the 4L Trophy rally held in Morocco

The rally, set to celebrate 25 years in 2023, is dedicated to Renault 4 cars

Renault 4ever will be a B-segment EV underpinned by the CMF-BEV platform

The concept EV has a bold look with finishing in gun metal silver

It stands on a set of 19-inch chunky wheels and 1,900 mm tall

The concept EV can be equipped with a 42-kWh battery pack

The battery is expected to deliver a range of more than 402 kms on a single charge

The Renault 4ever Trophy concept EV is expected to churn out around 132 bhp

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