This iconic Jeep has returned as an EV concept

Jeep CJ, one of the most iconic models of all times, has been revived as an EV

It is based on the Jeep CJ, also popular as the Willys, from 1950s

Jeep CJ Surge comes with retro design with an electric heart

It draws power from a 24-module battery pack

The battery pack is installed in the cargo area of the CJ Surge

Instead of a V8 engine, the CJ Surge runs on electric motor generating 268 hp

Jeep CJ Surge stands on 35-inch wheels

The transmission job is handled by a two-speed Jeep transfer case with selectable gearing

Jeep has not shared any detail about the performance or range of the CJ Surge yet

It remains to be seen if the CJ Surge enters production soon
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