EV charging costs can be lowered using a few tricks

EV charging costs are significantly lower than refuelling petrol or diesel

But rising costs of raw materials are resulting in increasing energy tariffs, impacting EV charging costs, which an be kept lower

Always recharge the battery when it is near 20% and try to avoid charging it over 80%

Complete draining and above 80% charging put pressure on the EV battery

Try to use a home solar power system for EV charging, which would result in lower energy bill charged by the grid operator

Avoid charging the EV under direct sunlight as it overheats the battery pack

Use your EV's regenerative braking technology efficiently as it will result in fewer recharging

Take good care of your EV by checking and maintaining tyre pressure, keeping the vehicle clean

Drive the EV slow and smooth as overspeeding drains the battery faster

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