This Indian state is exempting EV buyers from tax, registration fees for 3 years

The government of Uttar Pradesh has some good news for potential EV buyers and EV owners  

The state government has announced that it will offer tax relief as well as let go the registration fees on purchasing an EV

And this benefit will be offered for next three years starting October, 2022

After 2025, for the next two years the administration will give a 100% rebate on EVs that are produced, sold and registered in the state

This move will benefit around 3,997 EV customers in Agra who bought EVs before October last year

The number includes 437 electric rickshaws, 30 four-wheelers while the rest are electric two-wheelers 

The Central government also provides subsidies on EVs 

Combining the latter's benefits, potential EV consumers get 15,000 to 20,000 on two-wheelers

And, the ones interested in electric four-wheelers get rebate to the tune of 1 lakh

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