Nio EC7 EV comes as world's most aerodynamic SUV

The EC7 comes as midsize flagship coupe SUV

Nio EC7 electric SUV comes with same front-end design as the EL7 combined with a sloped roofline and a longer rear overhang

The Nio EC7 electric SUV measures 4,968 mm long, 1,974 mm wide, 1,714 mm tall, and has a 2,960 mm wheelbase

The electric SUV claims to come with just 0.23 cd drag co-efficiency

Ac active rear wing of the EV helps it to achieve aerodynamic efficiency

Besides the suave and sleek design, the EV comes with an opulent cabin

The seats and upholstery come wrapped in plush leather adding premium vibe

Adding further premiumness to the cabin is a panoramic sunroof

Nio EC7 comes with design similarity to the Nio EC6 as well

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