This electric vehicle comes with 30-inch OLED display

Buick has revealed the interior design of the cockpit of its electric vehicle, Electra E5

The cockpit is a virtual system that offers a 30-inch OLED display 

The display features cutting-edge technological functionalities along with 5G connectivity

The cabin's Eyemax 30-inch 6K curved OLED display reflects one billion colours giving smoother operation functionality to the user

The display functions along with the 12.6-inch colour head-up display (HUD) system

The latter gives data related to speed and navigation on the windshield to help avoid distracted driving

The screen comes with Buick eConnect connectivity system which provides the driver access to numerous multimedia content with built-in apps

The EV also offers wireless CarPlay and wireless phone charging as standard 

The display also supports over-the-air (OTA) updates

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