This electric car maker is leaving everyone, including Tesla, far behind

Tesla has enjoyed global dominance for several years but its crown is now under some serious threat

Surging forward in Q4 of 2023 was China's BYD, a company that delivered more electric cars than even Tesla

BYD also manufactured more electric cars than Tesla in Q4 of 2023

Considering BYD doesn't offer EVs in the US, the world's second largest EV market, its achievement is even more impressive

BYD delivered 526,409 EVs as against Tesla's  484,507 units in Q4 of 2023. The company delivered another 400,000 hybrids too

Through the course of 2023, BYD delivered its personal record best of over 30 lakh units - electric plus hybrids

While massive within China, BYD's exports market in 2023 grew by  334.2% to 242,765 units to 70 countries

If the current momentum continues, BYD is more than likely to overtake Tesla in terms of electric car sales

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