This country joins alliance to oppose ICE ban in European Union

The European Union has set a deadline that by 2035 all new cars should have zero emissions

Needless to say, not every member of the union is on the same page!

Germany, being latest one, has formed an alliance with Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Romania and Hungary to oppose the total ban on ICE vehicles

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According to the minister, the approach is wrong and there is a 'climate neutral' way to make ICE cars run

Reports say this alliance wants a separate category of combustion vehicles that can run on carbon-neutral fuels after 2035 

The EU has already issued an order to ban sales of new ICE vehicles after 2035 last month 

Many automakers who have already started their electrification process are also looking into exploring the alternative fuel category

Companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche among others have also set a deadline after which they will stop manufacturing ICE models

This alternative fuel is made from cow dung that helps in powering cars
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