This bespoke Rolls-Royce celebrates Manchester city 

Rolls-Royce has created a bespoke Ghost model which takes inspiration from the city of Manchester

The one-off Manchester Ghost is the first Rolls-Royce that takes clues from the historical city

The Manchester Bee which is the emblem of the city for more than 150 years has been extensively used in the premium car

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The bee has been embroidered on the front and rear seat inserts of the car

The front fascia is illuminated with 10,000 laser dots that depicts the view of the city from above

The team has embroidered the landmark locations of the city on the rear seat at centre  

The ultra-premium automaker shares that the marque's founding fathers, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, first met in central Manchester and...

...that's when they decided to establish the brand 

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