Traffic congestion is a growing menace in India like many other countries

A study has found that four major Indian cities face most traffic congestion

The study has revealed that Bengaluru has the most congested traffic condition in India, which is sixth in the world ranking

High traffic congestion during rush hours resulted commuters losing 132 hours in 2023 in Bengaluru

Pune is the second city in India with most congested traffic condition, where computers lost 128 hours last year during rush hour

Besides these two cities, New Delhi and Mumbai are also on the list, ranked at 44th and 54th positions, respectively

In Delhi, motorists lost 81 hours in 2023 during rush hour due to traffic congestion

In Mumbai, motorists lost 92 hours last year during peak hours due to traffic congestion

Clearly, traffic congestion has been a menace for the cities and growing number of vehicles are further adding to the worry

The government has been building various infrastructure to reduce the congestion in various cities across the country

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