Some key steps can prevent a car fire

Cricketer Rishabh Pant's luxury car was devastated in fire, fuelling discussion around the automotive safety

Cars run on combustible fuel that makes it prone to catch fire in a mishap

Regular and on time servicing is a key step to keep the car in healthy condition

Keep a fire extinguisher handy within your reach in your garage

Keep a car fire extinguisher inside the cabin, which can be highly useful in case of a mishap

Strictly avoid smoking in a car, as embers from un-stubbed cigarette can light up a piece of upholstery leading to major fire

Avoid installing fancy lights, sound systems in your car as that could stress the car's battery and result in a short-circuit

Use only an OEM-authorised CNG kit as it comes with fire preventive systems

Don't leave a body spray inside the car in summer, as the heat build up inside the vehicle could result in aerosol can explosion

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