The most 'affordable' Ferraris that you still can't afford

Ferraris are stylish and exquisite, and definitely very expensive

While the brand's affluent buyers are hardly price-sensitive...

...most of us can just dream to afford at least the cheapest Ferrari

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On the fifth spot is Ferrari 296 GTB, costing $333,255 (approx. 2.7 crore)

Fourth place is taken by Ferrari F8 Spider at $319,342 (approx. 2.6 crore)

Third most affordable Ferrari is Roma Spider at $272,970 (approx. 2.2 crore)

On the second spot is Ferrari Portofino M at $241,103 (approx. 2 crore)

The most affordable Ferrari currently is Roma at $238,360 (approx. 1.96 crore)

 How affordable is the most affordable Ferrari really? For more such reports...
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