Tesla Model S and Model X received a new paint theme

The new Ultra Red paint replaced Multi-Coat Red for the Model S and Model X

This new paint variant costs $3,000, which is $500 more than Multi-Coat Red

The new colour is much darker than the one it replaced

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Only Pearl White Multicoat paint variant is standard, whole rest come at additional costs

This comes as latest addition to Tesla's colour palette after it being criticised for offering lack of colour options for its EVs

With the Model S and Model X receiving the new colour, it could may way into the Model 3 ands Model Y as well

Introduction of the new colour to Model 3 and Model Y would depend on consumer reactions to the new paint

Besides new colour, Model S and Model X have received beefier brakes and new glass roof

The new glass roof claims to allow five times more light inside the cabin but blocks same level of UV rays

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