Tesla doesn't just sell EVs! Check out these whacky products

If you thought that Tesla sells EVs only, then its time you see these

Tesla's Cyberquad ATV for kids is inspired by the Cybertruck  

Tesla sells solar roof that stores energy and powers homes in case of an outage 

These sipping glasses from the EV company comes with quite the modern look

Don't worry! Tesla offers a metal stand for these glasses for sturdy support

This Cybertruck inspired whistle is a limited-edition collectible from Tesla

If this got you interested, then sorry folks, it is sold out

This Giga Texas belt buckle is all about old-school cowboy vibes

It also comes with a 'Don't Mess With' disclaimer! Not that we intended to 

This cute Tesla Supercharger is for charging phones

Tesla's latest innovation is its bot  called Optimus

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