SUVs have been blamed by many for being major contributor of vehicular pollution

Now Greenpeace has alleged Toyota, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Kia SUVs for erasing benefits of electric vehicles

Gas guzzling SUVs from these car manufacturers have recorded a rise in sales globally over the last few years

Greenpeace claimed this sales surge erased environmental benefits achieved by EVs

The environmental advocacy group published a report claiming this right ahead of United Nation's COP28 summit in Dubai

Majority of the SUVs from these global casr manufacturers see high demand for SUVs with diesel engines

Diesel has been known as one of the most pollutant fuels

Powered by large diesel engines, the SUVs emit higher number of pollutants into environment, offsetting EV benefits

SUVs emit 12% higher pollutants into environment than sedans

The SUV sales across the world have more than doubled in the past decade, fuelling further emissions into environment

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