Speeding? Your car can be sold by government in this country!

Overspeeding can invite harsh penalties & massive fines but is there anything even worse?

Yes, Austria plans to have stricter action still & may impound & sell of the vehicle too

Leonore Gewessler, minister for mobility & climate protection, has proposed this radical step

At present, speed limit within Austrian cities is mostly at up to 50 kmph. On motorways, it is around 130 kmph

And authorities want motorists to adhere to these at all costs in order to prevent unfortunate incidents

Austria is one of the strictest countries as far as road rules are concerned. Did you know there is a 10,000 euro fine on wheelies?

For repeated offenders who flout speed limits, the potential move to seize and sell vehicles may appear harsh but also effective

Reports suggest such a step may be taken if it is a repeat offender going at least 60kmph quicker than limit

Do you think India should consider such a move? Check this report...
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