Royal Enfield Shotgun 650: Quick review

The Shotgun 650 is the fourth 650 cc motorcycle in Royal Enfield's lineup.

The engine is in the same tune as the Super Meteor 650. It is smooth, torquey and always has power in reserve. The gearbox is also slick. However, the clutch is heavy

The Shotgun 650 is probably the best motorcycle by Royal Enfield in terms of build quality. Everything feels premium and well put together.

The instrument cluster is taken from the Super Meteor 650. However, the Tripper Navigation system has been updated and now it responds faster.

The exhaust sounds very similar to the Super Meteor 650. It has a nice aggressive tone to it. Moreover, there is also an enticing induction sound.

The suspension setup of the Shotgun 650 is more forgiving than the Super Meteor 650 which makes it more suitable for our Indian roads.

The riding triangle is also quite comfortable as the foot pegs are mid-set and the handlebar is lower. It does have a slight hint of sportiness to it but it can be used in city as well as highway.

Because of the different wheel sizes, it takes some time to get used to the force that is required to turn the front wheel. 

Apart from the Tripper Navigation system, Shotgun 650 comes with hazard lights, adjustable levers and a USB port.

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