Rolls-Royce celebrates 20 glorious years of its evolution 

Rolls-Royce is celebrating 20 years of its production at Goodwood facility

The ultra-premium carmaker's one of the most popular creation, the Phantom rolled out from this manufacturing plant

Since then, the marque went on to develop no fewer than 20 different models and variants here

In the celebrations, Rolls-Royce shares creation of hardtop two-door coupe, one of its first kind, the Phantom Coupe took place in this plant

Goodwood also gets the credit of producing the Phantom 8 in 2017 which holds the title of 'Best Car in the World' 

Code named as 103EX, the premium automaker informs the development of the former which comes with autonomous drive and enhanced artificial intelligence happened in Goodwood

With its EV plans, the company is all set to begin a new era at this facility

The marque says it will continue to include contemporary design, engineering, manufacturing and craft techniques in its models

Now, Goodwood witnesses the making of Rolls-Royce's first ever EV, the Spectre

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