Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis collection has only 25 units

As the name suggests, the model draws inspiration from solar eclipse

 It depicts the interplay of light and darkness depicting how Moon obscures the Sun

The launch coincides with the annular solar eclipse visible in parts of the Western Hemisphere on October 14

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Inserts below the grille and break callipers are adorned by Mandarin hue

The exterior depicts the light cast by a total solar eclipse

A Starlight Headliner with a special animation effect beautifies the cabin

The animation shows a mesmerising sequence of the complete transition of the eclipse

The illuminated fascia of the model is adorned with 1,846 laser-etched stars

The bespoke timepiece on the fascia incorporates a brilliant-cut 0.5-carat diamond. For more details...
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