Pros and cons of buying a Maruti Suzuki Fronx

Fronx is the latest SUV from the Maruti Suzuki camp

The crossover SUV is essentially based on the Baleno hatchback

One of its biggest strengths is its pricing. Fronx is available from 7.47 lakh and goes up to 13.14 lakh (ex-showroom)

This makes Fronx more affordable than SUV sibling Brezza

This is also the only model from Maruti at present to get a 1.0-litre turbo booster engine

The styling on the Fronx is quite appealing with lots of muscular cues all around the car

The cabin, although well-appointed, has been lifted entirely from Baleno. This may be a put off for those looking for unique highlights

Sunroofs are the rage in India but Fronx gives this a skip. There is no rear-seat armrest either

As with all Maruti Suzuki models, there is no diesel engine option either

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