Planning to buy Kia Carens? Check new price list

Kia Carens is now costlier by up to 50,000 depending on variants

Kia has hiked the price of Carens for the second time since launch

The starting price of Carens is now 10 lakh for the base Premium variant

It is 1 lakh more than the price at which Kia had launched Carens in February

The Prestige 7S (petrol) saw the biggest hike. It’s now priced at 11.20 lakh

All other petrol variants of Carens have received price hike between 10,000 and 20,000

Most of the diesel variants of the Carens have received price hike of 30,000

The Luxury 7S variant received 35,000 hike and now costs 15.85 lakh

The top-end Luxury+ 7S AT will now come at 18 lakh after the price hike

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