Planning to buy a scooter? Check these five 125cc scooters out

The TVS Jupiter 125 comes with 5.1-litre fuel tank and offers power output of 8.2 bhp and 10.5 Nm torque

It comes with storage capacity of 33 litres and also a USB charger 

The TVS Ntorq is the one of the sportiest scooters available out there 

 This scooter features a 124.8 cc single cylinder fuel-injected engine

Honda's Activa, one of the most popular models, recently came in 6G version 

The latest generation of Honda Activa comes in three variants

Suzuki Burgman introduced the maxi-scooter concept in the Indian market

Its powertrain offers power output of 8.58 hp and 10 Nm torque

Suzuki Access comes with a braking system for both the wheels

It provides USB charging port and Bluetooth-enabled instrument cluster 

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