Planned US car emission rules are toughest ever. Does India need these too?

Joe Biden administration has proposed new emission rules that would be among the strongest anywhere in the world

If put in place, it could be a big boost for EVs but a death blow to 'regular' vehicles

Many question if automakers can make the transition or if they would be forced to have an all-electric lineup

CO2 emissions from car and light truck fleets would be capped at 82 grams per mile in model year 2032

Most agree this is effectively banning petrol and diesel-powered vehicles

India too is grappling pollution-related problems & vehicular emissions are a big factor

The EV movement in the country has started in earnest but adoption rates remain quite low compared to China, the US and western Europe

Biden is facing opposition from oil industry allies 

Closer home, EV penetration could reduce India's dependence on oil imports drastically. For more...
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