Petrol-powered scooters and bikes in India may become even more costlier

Increasing sticker price and high cost of fuel have already become pain points for consumers and owners

Now EV manufacturer's association SMEV has further fuelled fear among motorists

SMEV has urged the central government to tax the ICE scooters and motorcycles more to incentivise EVĀ adoption

This appeal comes after the subsidy cut for electric two-wheelers under the amended FAME 2 scheme

SMEV has proposed a 100 basis point tax hike for the ICE-powered two-wheelers to fund electric two-wheelers' subsidies

SMEV believes higher green tax for ICE two-wheelers will bring more parity between electric and ICE two-wheelers in India

SMEV also hopes this will further fuel electric two-wheelers' growth in India and encourage big OEMs to enter the segment

The central government is yet to make any statement about this proposal

One such tax hike move will add woe to worry for the ICE two-wheeler buyers

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