Petrol and diesel prices slashed. How does it affect your budget?

Petrol and diesel prices have been cut by 2 per litre across the country. The reduction comes into effect from March 15

In Delhi, petrol price per litre goes down from 96.72 to 94.72. Diesel rate falls from 89.62 to 87.62

Similarly, in Mumbai, per litre price of petrol is at 104.21, down from 106.31. Diesel rate slides to 92.15 from 94.27

For someone in Mumbai travelling 1,000 kms per day in a petrol car with 10 kmpl mileage, the monthly expense falls from 10,631 to 10,421

In Delhi, the same person driving a diesel car with 10 kmpl mileage will now spend 9,472 instead of 9,672

It is likely that several state governments may also announce price cuts in local VAT imposed on both fuels which could then increase the savings for motorists

The Oil ministry says there are six crore cars, 27 crore two-wheelers and 58 lakh heavy goods vehicles in India

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