Petrol and diesel prices in Pakistan have hit record highs 

After another round of hikes, a litre of petrol in Pakistan now costs Pakistani rupees 333.38 (INR 93.57), ANI reported

A litre of high-speed diesel now costs Pakistani rupees 329.18 (INR 92.39)

The Pakistan government has reportedly increased the per litre pricing of petrol and diesel by Pakistani rupees 26.02 and 17.34, respectively

Previously, petrol and diesel prices were increased twice in August

Fuel price hike comes owing to the 27.4% hike in the rate of inflation in August

 The surge comes at a time when the country's economy is facing a massive disruption

Majority of the country's transport sector operates on high-speed diesel

Petrol is used in private transport, small vehicles and two-wheelers

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