Ola Electric has a merry December, increases market share

Ola Electric announced its sales figures for December 2022

The EV maker stated that it sold more than 25,000 units of its electric scooters last month

Ola Electric says it has grabbed more than 30% of the market share

Ola Electric claims that its Ola S1 electric scooter has been a huge hit 

Ola Electric's CEO Bhavish Aggarwal says the company is currently the largest and fastest growing EV company in India

The brand believes that with its rapid expansion, Ola electric scooters will soon become mainstream

Currently, Ola Electric is focusing on expanding its experience centres as well

The EV manufacturing is aiming to open 200 of these centres by the end of March this year

For now, it has about 100 experience centres across the country

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