No more room for vroom? Paris votes to ban electric scooters

Zipping around the City of Light on one of them, wind in the hair, is over

Paris voted an end to use of these electric scooters popular among commuters

In a citywide mini-referendum on Sunday, people voted heavily against self-service scooters

Among roughly 1.03 lakh voters, 89% rejecting e-scooters while 11% supported them

These electric scooters are easy to locate and hire with a downloadable app and relatively cheap

Scattered around Paris, these e-scooters are a hit with tourists as they offer freedom of mobility

Initially popular, people started to complain against e-scooters as eyesore and a traffic menace

These micro electric vehicles have been involved in hundreds of accidents in recent times

Last year, Paris saw 459 accidents with e-scooters, including three fatal ones

This electric scooter manufacturer in India records highest sales ever in March
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