New Year 2023: Let go of these peculiar driving habits this year 

If there is one resolution that you must follow, let it be barring yourself from driving after drinking alcohol 

Needless to say the repercussions of driving under influence can be fatal 

Using smartphone while driving has become a habit among drivers

This can clearly lead to distraction and consequence of which can be serious accident 

Using pavements for riding or taking wrong turns for short cuts must be avoided as it can not only lead to traffic snarls but also accidents 

Sticking out of sunroofs has become a common sight on Indian roads now a days 

This can be dangerous as the person standing through the sunroof can be seriously injured if brakes are applied suddenly

Drivers must be mindful while using high beam on roads 

This causes a sudden blinding effect for the drivers who come from the opposite side

Know how you can be more aware and alert while on the road
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