Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven Concept brings back the ‘70s era. Check it out

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the new Vision One-Eleven concept that pays tribute to the iconic C111 experimental prototype from the 1970s

Aerodynamic styling, hood-mounted star, and gullwing doors, all pay homage to the C111, albeit in a completely new bodywork

The dual circular LED headlights and twin hood vents also recall the C111 prototype with the latter heading into the canopy style roof

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The electric motors on the concept are 66% more power dense compared to Mercedes’ road-going EVs, which gives engineers more flexibility for placement

Power figures have not been revealed but the four electric motors are expected to churn out in excess of 1,000 kW or over 1,300 bhp

The cabin also gets the 1970s theme going with the orange, silver and white colour scheme. It gets low bucket seats along with a canopy glass with hex-screened side glass

The concept gets an augmented-reality interior with virtual buttons for the infotainment and navigation systems floating on blank surfaces

The Vision One-Eleven concept won’t make it to production anytime soon but certain elements of it could make it future cars from the manufacturer

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