Mercedes E-Class Estate rolls into select markets with regal ease. Will it ever come to India?

SUVs may be the crowd favourite but estate body types aren't dead. Just look at the gorgeous Mercedes E-Class Estate

The latest E-Class Estate is larger in dimensions than it has ever been. With a wheelbase of 2,961 mm now, there is even more space in the cabin

There is no optional third row in the vehicle but that means cargo area is a mammoth 615 litres

The vehicle itself is remarkably sleek with a drag coefficient of 0.26

While the standard model comes fitted with 17 inch wheels, one can even opt for a humongous 21-inch set

Rear air suspension comes as standard but one can choose an optional two-axle Airmatic for an elevated drive comfort

The cabin is extremely well loaded with three screens, an inward-facing cam and apps like TikTok and Angry Birds

In European markets, Mercedes will offer the wagon as E 200 and E200d before bringing in the plug-in hybrid E300e version as well

Estate body type never really took off in India and even elsewhere, it attracts only a very mature set of buyers. Thankfully, the E-Class Estate continues to impress

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