Maruti Suzuki wages big SUV war: Strategy decoded

Maruti may have been late to the SUV party but it is now looking to pump up the beat

Known mostly for its small cars and hatchbacks, Maruti wants to capitalise on the growing SUV demand

The company launched the updated Brezza in 2022

The Grand Vitara was launched as an entirely new model

Maruti is now looking to drive out Fronx, a Baleno-based SUV

All eyes are also peeled for the official launch of the much-awaited Jimny

Maruti is aiming for its SUV share in the overall PV market to hit 25 per cent this fiscal

Company officials say SUVs would help Maruti retake 50 per cent market share in the Indian PV segment

Can SUVs like Fronx help Maruti Suzuki snatch the SUV crown? For full review of the SUV...
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