Lotus Eletre is world's first electric hyper SUV. Check it out

Lotus showcased Eletre, world's first electric hyper SUV, earlier this year

The electric vehicle sits on 22-inch wheels, while options for 20-inch and 23-inch are also available  

It comes with two powertrains options

One comes with a motor capacity of 450 kW that generates output of 603 hp while... 

...the other has a motor capacity of 675 kW that can churn output up to 905 hp

The former offers a range of 600 km and the latter provides a range of 490 km

The next-generation digital head unit from global mobility tech company ECARX made its debut on the Eletre EV 

 The interiors come with fully customisable displays and ultra-slim floating one-billion-colour OLED touchscreen

Its 112 kWh battery has a charging time of just 20 minutes from 10% to 80% via rapid charger

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