Lexus spills the beans about its models' name designations 

The Lexus CT is short of 'Creative Touring' as the model came with a hybrid setup in a segment dominated by diesel-powered cars   

The Lexus ES stands for 'Executive Sedan' which was launched with LS and is a smaller version of the model 

The Lexus GS means 'Grand Sedan,' but it is a mid-size model 

The Lexus GX stands for 'Grand Crossover' adorns the brand's SUV lineup 

Lexus IS means 'Intelligent Sports' and the model was mainly created for a younger customer base 

The Lexus LC is 'Luxury Coupe' which promises ultimate driving experience 

The Lexus LFA stands for 'Lexus Future Advance' and the model held significance in the brand's F series performance lineup 

The Lexus LS was all about luxury as it stands for 'Luxury Sedan' 

The Lexus LX stands for 'Luxury Crossover' is a SUV based on the Toyota Land Cruiser   

The Lexus LY oozes luxury and it also means 'Luxury Yacht'

The Lexus NX is 'Nimble Crossover' is small, simple and sweet  

Lexus RC is basically short of 'Radical Coupe' is a self-charging hybrid car

Lexus RX or 'Radiant Crossover' was launched at the start of the 2000s

The Lexus SC means 'Sport Coupe' and it was a mid-size luxury coupe 

The Lexus UX is short of 'Urban Crossover' and the car is the smallest in the brand's crossover lineup 

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