Laughed at by Elon Musk, BYD finally overtakes Tesla

Tesla delivered a personal best of 484,507 in the final quarter of 2023, up 11 per cent from previous quarter

But this was not enough to stay ahead of the BYD surge. The Chinese EV company delivered 526,409 units in the same period

This is the first time that BYD delivered more units than Tesla in a quarter. It also manufactured more EVs than Tesla in Q4

Tesla delivered a record 18 lakh EVs through the course of 2023

BYD is only marginally behind with 16 lakh EVs delivered in 2023. But it also delivered 4 lakh hybrid models additionally

Unlike BYD, Tesla does not manufacture hybrids. But even then, the surge of the Chinese brand is nothing short of epic

BYD is being aided by conducive Chinese government policies at home, a robust demand here and expansion to European markets

BYD has come a long way from 2011 when Musk was asked for his opinion on the Chinese company. "Have you seen their car," he had laughed in response

Most experts agree that in 2024, BYD is more than likely to overtake Tesla in terms of production as well as deliveries

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