Last ride on double-decker buses: Mumbai's BEST childhood memory?

Mumbai bid farewell to its iconic double-decker buses on Friday, September 15

Hundreds joined to take the last ride and captured the final moments of its iconic run

The double-decker buses have been operational in the city since 1937

Mumbai's BEST operated around 900 such buses in the city at its peak

The BEST still operates 3 open-deck buses for tourists to take them sightseeing

The city transport agency stopped adding new double-decker buses since 2008

High operational cost and pollution are some of thne reasons why these buses have been withdrawn

These buses could now only be seen in pictures and movies, or a new museum.

A group of enthusiasts wants the state government to allow a few to be preserved at Ankit depot

The iconic double-decker buses are now being replaced with these electric avatars
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