Know how to apply for an international driving license in India

If you are planning to visit a foreign country and you want to drive there, this is for you

An international driving license is a mandatory document that will make one eligible to drive a two or a four-wheeler abroad

The document is issued by the Indian government's road transport authority 

The pre-requisites for applying for an international driving license are... has to be an Indian citizen and above 18 years

One should have a valid passport and visa

One has to fill out two forms, Form 4A and 1A which state the individual is a competent driver and medically fit

These forms can be downloaded from MoRTH website or can be taken from local RTO

Along with the forms, one has to submit age, identity and residential proofs 

The individual has to submit a fees of 1,000 with all the documents

The applicant will also have to take a driving test following the submission of the documents

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