Kia Seltos AT becomes cheaper. Here's how

Kia has expanded Seltos's lineup with introduction of two new variants

The new variants are only for automatic transmissions. 

It is the HTK+ and is available with naturally aspirated engine with CVT gearbox and diesel engine with torque converter automatic transmission.

The Seltos HTK+ petrol-CVT is priced at 15.40 lakh ex-showroom

Seltos HTK+ diesel-AT is priced at 16.90 lakh ex-showroom

Previously,the automatic gearbox for the petrol and diesel engines respectively were only available from the HTX trim

The introduction of the HTK+ trims reduces the entry point to the CVT gearbox by 1.18 lakh 

The diesel AT is now more accessible by 1.28 lakh.

In addition to the new automatic variants, Kia has updated other existing trims with new features.

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