Electric vehicles have tons of advantages over ICE vehicles, but some disadvantages are there too

If you are planning to buy an electric car, you should be aware about these challenges

Here are the key challenges EV owners face

Charging time and infrastructure remains a major worry for many EV buyers

Electric cars take substantially longer time to recharge their batteries compared to what ICE vehicles take for refuelling

Range is another major worry for EV owners

Only high-end luxury electric cars offer generous range on a single charge

Electric vehicles come with lesser chance of fire compared to their ICE counterparts but the intensity of an EV fire is severely high

The safety of the electric vehicles remain a grey area, especially as it is a new propulsion technology in the market

While the overall cost of ownership for EVs are really low compared to ICE vehicles, the initial sticker price is significantly high

Check how to ensure safety while charging an electric vehicle
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