Jugaad at its best? Maruti Swift becomes Lamborghini lookalike for 10 lakh!

Nurul Haque, a car mechanic from Assam, modified an old Maruti Swift into a Lamborghini lookalike sports car

He spent four months and spent 10.20 lakh to modify the Swift into this

This Lamborghini Squadra Corse open-top SC20 lookalike was based on a second-hand model of Swift

It has gullwing doors, three exhausts and a sports car-like spoiler  at the rear

Nurul Haque removed the Swift's body frame and modified it based on videos he found on YouTube

Haque spent around 6.20 lakh to give final shape to the car which originally would cost around 5 crore

He decided to gift the car to state's chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma

Sarma said he was 'delighted' to receive the gift from the mechanic from Karimganj

Sarma also sat behind the wheels of the modified Swift to get a feel

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