Nissan GT-R is facing possible extinction in EV age

Nissan is planning to replace the GT-R with a Nismo badged electric sportscar

This would mark the end of era for the ICE-driven Nissan GT-R

The Nismo-badged electric sportscar would be launched by the end of this decade

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Commercial non-viability of solid-state batteries at present is barring Nissan from hustling with the GT-R replacing e-sportscar

Nissan's new sportscar would focus European market, especially UK at the beginning

Nissan has hinted that this electric sportscar will be a bespoke model

It is not clear if the new electric sportscar will bear any resemblance with the current Nissan GT-R's nomenclature or design

The tightening emission norms around the world are forcing the Japanese automaker to think about iconic GT-R's extinction

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