Is a nation-wide diesel car ban looming? Pros and cons of buying a diesel vehicle

Diesel cars have long been favoured by many for a number of reasons. But preferences are changing

Several notable manufacturers, prominently Maruti Suzuki, have swayed away from diesel engines entirely

This includes Audi in the luxury car space as well

In Delhi NCR region, diesel vehicles older than 10 years are banned unless proper fitness certificate is obtained

Price difference per litre between diesel and petrol has also reduced

Service cost of a diesel car remains higher than petrol-engine powered cars. Upfront buying cost is also higher

But there are big positives as well. Diesel cars tend to be – mostly – more powerful and therefore, more fun to drive

For those with long daily commutes, diesel still makes more sense than petrol

There are many models that are diesel-only. This includes Tata SUVs like Harrier and Safari

With CNG and electric vehicle options though, diesel engines face a very real threat

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