An idle car standing parked for weeks demands special attention and care

Such a vehicle could cause troubles if not maintained properly

Here are some key tips on how to maintain an idle vehicle

Start the car at least once every week and keep the engine running for 15 minutes

This will allow the battery of the car to replenish and prevent from drying out

Check lights, AC, music system etc if they are working properly and at optimum level

Ensure to move the car a bit at the front or rear at least once in a week

This will prevent pre-mature wear and tear to a particular spot of the tyre

If the car is standing stationary for weeks, it is best to refill tyres with air pressure slightly higher than the recommended level

Keep the wipers in standing position if the vehicle is parked outside in open

Cover the car if it is parked in open to save it from natural elements bird droppings etc

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