Car subscription is a viable and cost-effective alternative to buying vehicles

Many new-age consumers have been showing interest in car subscription rather than buying and owning their personal vehicles

Car subscription offers the user actual ownership experience without having him or her to buy and own a car

It can help the user saving a lot of money in the long term and offer the flexibility to use different cars over a specific period

Here are some key tips to follow if you are planning sign up for a car subscription plan

Before you sign up for a car subscription plan, do a thorough research using both online and offline resources

Visit multiple dealers offering car subscription plans, take test drives and get details of the lease plans for your preferred vehicles

Negotiate the terms of the car subscription plans with the dealers and get them in writing

Compare multiple car subscription plans from various perspectives like finance, pros, cons etc before narrowing down on your choice

Opt for the subscription plan once you assess all the aspects of the specific plan and ready to sign up for it

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