Overstretching an electric scooter beyond its lifespan can make it a junk

Electric scooters come with an average lifespan of 3-5 years beyond which their value decreases substantially

Like any other vehicle, value of an electric scooter starts depreciating as it exits showroom

When the battery is not being able to deliver the required range as per your need, it is time to consider selling it 

Replacing the old battery with a new one could be one option if you don't want to sell the entire EV

However, changing battery is a costly affair as it contributes to the lion's share of the EV's price

Maintenance cost for an EV is substantially low than an ICE vehicle, but if the cost is rising it is time to consider selling it

If mechanical wear and tear are growing and causing more cost for maintenance, it is time to sell the EV

Upgrading to a new and improved battery pack enabled electric scooter offering better range and performance is a good option

Your preference too should be a key factor to decide if you want to sell the existing electric scooter

Here are the reasons why electric two-wheelers are worth investing
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